This simple concept is keeping you stuck in your biz


Do you remember that time when you were little and you’re mom told you to sit down and make a Christmas list for Santa?


You poured your heart into that list. You carefully sourced the exact page number that each gift could easily be found within the JC Penney catalog. And along with those page numbers you neatly summed up which color you would prefer.


Rubik’s cube. I’d like an all pink one please. Page 32, left hand side.


And then Christmas morning came and went and sure enough your carefully sourced pink perfection from page 32 was under the tree waiting for you. Oh wait, that’s not exactly how that ends?


Dang it, I knew I had gotten something wrong. That pink perfection was among 146 other items that had also been carefully sourced.


What’s Santa to do?!


Thus became your earliest lesson that you don’t always get what you want simply because you said you wanted it. And sometimes Santa requests a list that he doesn’t even shop from.


Along with bringing up a possible sore subject involving the jolly ‘ol Saint Nick, I’m releasing a harsh truth. Are you ready for this?



Your big ideas really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things if you never actually do anything with them.



You can make all the ‘to do’ lists you want but if you never cross anything off said list you will never progress to anywhere. Except for becoming an excellent list maker, maybe. But I am guessing that it is highly unlikely that was what your original intent was.


I could be wrong. But I doubt it. You’ve been filling up notepads and notebooks full of ideas and all of the exciting follow up steps to make them happen.


Except….that you’re not making them happen. Instead, those notebooks have started piling up sky high and mentally your planning, planning, planning but you haven’t followed through.


I’m not pointing fingers. On the contrary. I relish list making.


Making lists is one of my guilty pleasures. I like to turn ideas over and over in my head much like attempting to solve that all pink rubik’s cube. A turn here. A slide there. Colors and patterns start to marble together before your very eyes and if your lucky you can manage to match up one whole side (yessss!) before you get exasperated and toss it across the room.


But when you finally pick up that rubik’s cube off the corner of the floor you’ve relegated it to, you end up starting all over again. And in essence, that is exactly what you are doing with your lists.


And that, right there, is what is keeping you stuck.


And why do I get to say that? Cuz that is exactly what I was doing (and I’ll admit, I still struggle with it every now and again). But I had someone to call me on my crap the same way I am calling you out now. And without their intervention in list making mania, I would still be sitting at my desk perfecting yet another set of plans that I had no intention of executing.


Instead of staying stuck in the cycle, I am calling you to action. Calling you to put one foot in front of the other and start doing.



Make a decision and choose to move forward.



The only way you will gain the clarity you need to move along your path is to overcome the fear of making decisions. You have built the roadmap, your lists are proof of this. Now you just need to follow them.



Tell me, what item are you going to check off your list today? Declare it loud and proud! Let’s put those lists to good use.


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