Friday Finds: Round 2

Amanda Hein Photography via StyleMePretty.com



Friday, oh how we’ve missed you.


Read on for wedding and business gems from around the web. Happy Surfing!


Amanda Hein Photography via StyleMePretty.com


Wed Gems:

Check out this pop art inspired shoot-freaking awesome

Boho chic backyard wedding….with llamas! Nuff Said!

A funeral themed wedding, yup you read that right.

A roundup of amazingly stellar, anything but ordinary, wedding wedges. Proof: Just see below…


Invisible Shoes by Andreia Chaves via apracticalwedding.com

Biz Gems:

Think the economy is not the best for going out on your on? Well, news flash: the recession is bullhonkey

All that biz advice you’ve collected over the years ain’t got shit on this!

Feel like your an unknown? A few ideas on how to get that recognition you desire

Get out there and pitch that guest post! You have a better chance of securing it than you think

Simplicity at it’s best.


Brooke Stapleton Photography via StyleMePretty.com



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