Friday Finds: Must-know writing tips



You, my friend, are a word smithing machine.


You’re equal parts of comedic hero, lightning fast wit, and downright bold thought provoking sentiments…in your head that is.


Aren’t you tired of censoring yourself? Struggling to come up with the right words? Tired of thinking one thing and yet writing another. You have opinions, sure. You have a point of view, yeah.


Stop cheating everyone out of it!



Finding the right words to express your exact sentiments, while also demonstrating how witty and well-rounded you are, can definitely present itself as a unique challenge.


You want to make sure to toe that fine line of endearing and quirky vs creepy and scammy. You want your words to convey your ability to jump off the page and into the heads of your readers so that they will happily hand over their email address for even more of your golden words, fork over their hard earned dollars for your services, and share your wisdom with others.



But, you my friend, are worthy of said challenge.


Afterall, your not just writing to put words onto screen, right?



You’ve got bigger, loftier motivations. Like growing your reach. Building your list. Writing a book. And maybe even selling said book. Being a source for a publication or blog that you absolutely adore. Booking your services out a whole year in advance. Traveling the world to speak and share your knowledge. The possibilities could take over the rest of this blog post.


Words have the ability to be very powerful. To convey trust. To promote a cause. To express your beliefs, thoughts, secrets, and desires. But the difference between your words resonating powerfully with your readers is the manner in which you string them together.


You are in for a treat today. I have compiled some food for thought from some of the best of the best. See below for some tasty tidbits to change those clunky words into strings of thought that invoke action from your readers once and for all.



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So, what do you think?


Rearing to get writing?


I thought so. You got this. Really I knew you had it all along, now you just need to prove it to yourself.


Tell me what article really lit a fire for you. What did you find helpful? And how are you inspired to better your writing?



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