Friday Finds: How to find and take that step in the right direction

Funky Grafiti

Have you ever noticed that the days of the week seem to drag along by,


sometimes excruuuuuuttttttiaaatinnnnglyyyyy sloooooowly,


and the weekends are done and gone before you can blink?



What about all of those things you had on your to-do list, did they get done? Did you gain any traction on them? Or, did you spend your weekend watching marathons of Law & Order SVU and checking up on Facebook? (Been there, done that)


I am not pointing fingers, rather I am acknowledging a very real pain. One that leaves you dreading Monday morning and unhappy with yourself for your lack of progress. Cue the television binge watching and Facebook checking all over again.


So, in an effort to combat the weekend warrior cycle/rut I am doing things a litle differently this Friday.


Today, I am highlighting some helpful finds around the web to empower you to take that next step. What does that mean?


Well, depending on where you are, that could mean a lot of things….


Maybe you have been wanting to reach out to someone who has inspired you to get some guidance. No better time than the present to bribe someone with the promise of a yummy Starbucks Pumpkin Latte, right?


Maybe you need to finally post those packages and services on your site that you have been working so hard on and never feel like they are ‘quite right’ (ahem, I could be pointing fingers at myself on this one) Afterall, your not going to gain any more clarity on them by allowing them to gather dust on your desktop.

Or, maybe you need to join that wordpress DIY meetup so that you can finally gain some clarity about just how exactly a fabulous, creative, bootstrapping entrepreneur like yourself can get a fully functioning website off the ground anyway. Oh, and maybe while your at it, to update those headshots, cuz the one with your boyfriend’s face cropped off and a floating arm over your shoulders doesn’t exactly scream hire me.


So, here’s your homework (yes there is homework, no you are not allowed to whine about it): let’s kick that to-do list in high gear this weekend and really rev the tires on your dream!


It’s about time you started feeling like your passionate daydreams are a journey in the making rather than just a desired destination.


Get out a notebook, open up a new word doc, whatever you need to do to catch the inspiration somewhere you can see, oragnize, and take action on. Now, check out the following links that have helped me personally get grounded and start taking steps in the right direction toward fulfilling my own dreams.


God speed and good luck, I know you can do this. And deep down inside you know it too.


Learn how to say no graciously, so that you can focus on saying yes to the right opportunities for you.

Why you will never find your passion (Plus, my favorite tweetable of all time!)

Don’t ever settle!

“If it feels uncomfortable, then you’re doing something right”

How to find and do work you love, a must watch!

The benefits of being a beginner

Inspirational stories of passionate entrepreneurs and their steps to success: Grown Up Gigs, oh yeah!

Frustrated you can’t catch a break? No one giving you a shot? Think you need experience?


What did you think? Were any of the above helpful? Tell me, tell me!


Did you like this edition of Friday Finds?





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