Fighting Biz Planning Overwhelm: Tip 1

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Feeling overwhelmed with your biz planning to-do list?


Not sure which profile pic is the right look for your biz?

Does this theme actually make sense to my site?

Do I really need to have a profile on every social media channel?


Hmmm, looking at your to-do list + the time involved for the mountain of tasks to accomplish = maybe your biz will be ready for launch in, oh say 10 years?! Yup, that sounds ’bout right.


My frazzled friend, are you stuck in planning paralysis?


What’s more, have you started second guessing what you have accomplished?


I get it, stuff gets confusing. Especially when you have so much to do and the questions just keep coming.


What color scheme makes the most sense for my target market?

Speaking of which, who the heck is my target market?

And, how the heck do I get in front of them?


Weary biz traveler, back up a minute. Do you know where your going? Have you misplaced your map?


Between the shallow promises of “How to make money from your blog in 10 days” to “How to build your subscriber list to 1 MILLION subscribers, stat!”, how are you sure that your focusing on the right path?


Now, wait…


Before you begin undoing, re-doing, or swearing off any more decision making, might I propose a solution?


Ok, here goes. Choose, for one day, to throw out your checklists. (Deep breath here, I said one day- you can handle it)


Clear all of the biz planning evidence off of your desk, reclaim your web browser from the myriad of ‘how to’ articles and spend a day sans your lists.


 Remind yourself why you wanted this biz in the first place.


Refer back to that earlier self of yours and recap exactly why you wanted to work for yourself.


Maybe you wanted location and time freedom. The ability to prioritize your own work and passions.

Maybe you wanted to help brides of all shapes and sizes find that amazing dress and never ever have the negative experience you had.

Maybe you wanted to spread awareness that all couples deserve the union of marriage no matter what their sex, their skin color, their religious beliefs, or their financial backgrounds.


By doing so maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize that something you overlooked while you were worrying has gotten left out of the planning process all together: your heart. Give yourself the opportunity to gain clarity around why you are embarking on this maddening process to begin with.


Photo via apracticalwedding.com

Photo via apracticalwedding.com


Forget about your mountain of biz tasks for one day. Focus instead on what makes you passionate about what you do and what drives you.

Simply put: get clear on the values of your biz in regards to your heart, not your checklist.


Why will your proposed clients what to work with you?

What is the messaging behind your business?


Create an identity for your business that is not steeped in to-do’s that have nothing to do with your real purpose. Instead seek to connect with people based on what your business stands for and therefore what your business can offer others. Once you are clear on this foundational element of your business it will be much easier for you to work through your list of tasks because you will feel clear and connected to the decisions you are making. Decisions won’t be such a struggle for your since you are making them according to the true heart of your business.




Grant yourself some relief and get clear on your biz values. Seek to build something that you know you are in alignment with from a passion level, a personal level, and for the benefit of your future customers.


Allow your heart to rule over the biz planning process and let someone else worry about that color scheme for one night.




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