Got some questions? Well your in luck, I have some answers.


1. What exactly is UnWhiteWedding?

UWW is a resource for big hearted creatives looking to ditch the pitch and build their biz their way. What does that mean? Well, long story short, amazing creative professionals that are choosing to do things their way regardless of how the wedding industry says you should. UWW believes in fostering truly authentic business practices and that your business should be something you are totally head over heels, just bought new lipstick, in love with! To read more about UWW and how it came to be, head on over here.


2. Why is it called UnWhiteWedding?

Because that name is awesome! And, because I believe in doing things your way and with a purpose, not because someone else told you “well, that’s just how it’s done”. (Get it? You don’t need to wear white for your wedding just cuz someone else told you to.)


3. What if I don’t have a business or I am not sure I want a business, do I still belong here?

No problem, read along any way! This site will be highlighting business owners and fellow creatives doing some amazing things and you just might find your own wedding vendor, next job, new personal hero among these pages. Pretty heavy, I know. Plus, all of the self-development strategies here are enough to make your boss say “how did you become so awesome?” Yup, for reals.

4. Help! I want to take my passion from a hobby to a business, where do I start?

Congrats and cheers to you! Put on those big girl panties, refill your wine glass, and then head over here to start the party.


5. I have been building my biz but really want to beef up my marketing know how, what do I do?

That’s easy, read everything by Seth Godin! Ok maybe that’s a little overwhelming, maybe a few pointers here and here to get you started.

6. How do I get my completely amazing, totally killer story/product/service featured on your site?

That is a great question! Check out my submissions page here, and in the meantime I’ll be eagerly awaiting your email.

6. I like you. How can I work with you?

Awww, I like you too! Head over here to check out some options of how we can make some magic happen.

7. Where else can I find you?

I’m so glad you asked! I’m a big fan of Twitter so reach out and join the convo, pin up a storm over here, or check me out here, here, and here.


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