Biz owners are real people too, 10 real things you didnt know about me

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How about we get real for a second? You could spend your time anywhere on this vast expanse of internet and yet you choose to be here. That is incredibly humbling and I will always be eternally grateful for your readership.




In an effort to shine a light on who I am and how the journey of UnWhiteWedding has progressed to what it is and where it is going, I would like to share some things that prove I am human, just like you.


The internet can be a shiny, dangerous place and if we allow it we can let it dilute our perceptions of what is real or not. So today, I have choosen to pull back the curtain and share a few real things about who I am minus the internet sugarcoating. As you read this, I hope you too are inspired to find out your real and true self and to embrace it. The magazines and blogs can paint a picture of perfection that is exhausting when your trying to keep pace with it. Join me below for some real facts about me, and I would love the chance to know my readers better, take a moment to share something real about yourself.


Here goes…



1. My mother is my hero. I grew up in a single parent home and will never ever be able to repay my mother for everything she has done for my sister and I. My mother taught us the value of hard work and a job well done, the power of a good hug at the end of a bad day, that following a dream will be tough but oh so worth it, and that you should never hold back telling the people around you that you love them. She is the strongest person I have ever met and I strive to be like her every day of my life.


2. I gained my stripes running a prom store. Along with learning the fine art of negotiation, managing a prom store forced me to grow a back bone. Even if it’s a small one. Something about a 17 year old girl having a panic attack while simultaneously screaming nasty names at you forces you to be a big girl and handle things.


3. My absolute favorite food is mac and cheese. Random I know, but important nonetheless. Oh, and root beer floats. A good root beer float can fix anything.


4. I absolutely love to read and in when in doubt I will seek out any articles, books, case studies, you name it that I can get my hands on in order to understand something further. This has absolutely 110% aided my struggle with analysis paralysis in my business. This realization also helped me to shape my business into what it is today (stay tuned for where it’s going!).


5. I get very defensive when anyone refers to millenials in a negative light. Millenials are a powerful market and we are not out to “ruin” anything. Change is inevitable and happens across all facets of life, anyone trying to find a scapegoat for change they are uncomfortable with needs to remember that. Ok, mini-rant over, but seriously if you have any doubts about millenials seek to understand their market power before writing them off. Liene Stevens of Think Splendid does an amazing job profiling millenials and their power within the wedding industry. I highly suggest you check it out.


6. I am an extremely emotional person and I can get all caught up in my emotions when trying to express myself. It drives my husband nuts. This also means I am a crier, which also drives my husband nuts. I’m working on it.


7. The first business I ever started was a total failure….and a total blessing in disguise (albeit a very painful blessing in disguise). This was also a lengthy period in my life in which I learned a lot about myself. Stay tuned, that one is a whole ‘nother blog post friends. But I can share that it did show me how to reframe failure into a motivator, a handy skill to have.


8. I used to be habitually late, until my husband squashed that. While primping for a hot date my boyfriend at the time, husband now, finally got fed up after waiting for 45 mins, and left. He left and told me that we could reschedule if I needed more time. Um, what?! Instead of actually getting upset, I took a breath and chose to wake up. I found out instantly that the value you place on other people’s time is directly proportionate to the amount of value you place on that person. Long story short, if I don’t chose to value the time that others give, then I don’t deserve to have it.


9. I am a multipotentialite and an ENFP. Have you ever found yourself struggling to get clear on your passions? Or, find that you have so many you are afraid to move forward with anything for fear of focusing on the wrong thing? Have you ever had your friends or family tell you to “just pick something already” and “you need to follow through on X before you start something else”. You need to meet Emilie Wapnick. I stumbled across her blog about a year and a half ago and have never felt the same. Her manifesto written to other multi-passionate individuals actually made me cry, her words were so powerful to me (see #6 above). It was the first time I really felt like someone understood me. Sans any judging or “helpful” advice, she states that you can create a life in which there is room for all of your passions and you don’t have to feel disjointed, confused, or ashamed of your multipassionate nature. If you have ever struggled with this, I urge you to check out her manifesto, it will change your life.


10. I totally believe in the paranormal and used to have a slight addiction to the sci-fi channel. Used to, as in I have been able to regain some control and used to, as in it freaks my husband out. That being said, I love horror movies but refuse to go into haunted houses. I love a good tarot card reading and I have a ouija board that I am too terrified to actually use.


11. Rules/traditions/stigmas aren’t really my thing. (Hence, why this list of 10 has more than 10 items, live large!) I prefer to bend the rules as I see fit and embrace change for change’s sake. I prefer to come about my beliefs in an organic fashion, one in which I draw meaning from my own experiences and am not too fond of “take my word for it”. I live my life this way and I prefer to run my business this way. Just because someone else tells you that’s how it’s done or that’s what is right, doesn’t mean that is what you need to believe or that is what is right for you. No one should be able to dictate your beliefs, values, morals, and best practices to you except for, well, you! Need some additional proof that business rules are made to be broken? Let me introduce your new hero, Ash Ambirge of the Middle Finger Project. Her tagline: Screw business as usual. Freaking awesome, right? Your welcome.


So there you have it. 10, umm, 11 real things you might not have known about me. It feels good to pull back the curtain a bit!



As I mentioned before, take a moment to introduce yourself below in the comments. Share something real about yourself.




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