A Letter for the Uncertain Times

Tulum Ruins

Dear Uncertainty,


Go away and never come back.






Props to you if you currently have such a message displayed on your vision board, sticky-noted to your desk, or scribbled on a napkin jammed in your purse.


Lord knows, I have quite a collection of inspirational quotes strewn about my desk and vision board that sum up exactly the same sentiment.


Meant to remind me that there will be tough times, there will be doubt, but what lies through the fire is everything I have worked so hard to achieve. Meant to help me remember why I am here when uncertainty threatens to derail me.


This letter is not here to remind you that you will have those bad days or those tough times, you already know that.


What this letter is for is to remind you of your strength.


Your abilities.

Your purpose.

Refer to this letter, recite it over however many times you need, but never forget that you have a purpose,


a mission,


a passion,


and you have every right to fight for it.

Tulum Beach


Dear Me,


I see you there struggling, trying so hard to hold all of the pieces together. Some days, like today, you are afraid for a gust of wind could be all that is needed to loosen your grip on those pieces.


You feel as though you have been walking all alone on an unlit path. Answers seem just out of reach and your heart weighs heavy with uncertainty. Uncertainty of your choices, your path, and just where you will end up.


Trust that uncertainty will test you. It will make you question every perceived failure, every exasperated outburst of tears, every pained conversation where you have been misunderstood or unheard.


This letter is to remind you to hold on tight. Hold onto the fact that you are meant to feel these things, experience these things so that they may shape you and help you to learn.


Remember that you are not defined by your problems. Instead trust that your struggles have a means in which to teach you how to grow.


Pressing on in spite of uncertainty will allow you to develop your own self-love, which in turn will build your self-worth. You will grow confident of your own voice and trust in your abilities.


You will soon be able to see a light on the path.


You will come to realize that uncertainty has helped to shape you into who you are. Your experiences will become richer because you will know how to follow your dreams and be successful in a way that completely aligns with you. You will be able to discern what is a sound decision and what is merely a distraction. In short uncertainty will teach you how to be true to yourself.


Allow yourself the time you need to get clear. Don’t discount your struggles and don’t shrink from your lessons. Allow this intricate web of experiences to shape you, to help you build, and to foster confidence within yourself.


Above all else, know that you have the strength to keep going, to push through and to muster the courage to go after your dreams.


Don’t let a minor bump in the road end your journey. Chose to overcome uncertainty.


With much love,


Future Me


Please take a moment to help another and share a moment of uncertainty in your journey.

Have you ever felt unsure of your next move?

How did you overcome?


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