10 Reminders to keep going when you want to give up


The easy road to success is a myth.


In fact, it’s a down and out lie. Building your dreams is hard and there are no guarantees that everything you want will come out just right.


This shit is hard. (sorry, no sugar coating available)


But what’s even harder is feeling like you are struggling alone. That no one understands your struggles. Worse still are the feelings that are threatening to swallow you whole.


You aren’t excited about life anymore and your fear is that, for the rest of your life, you will be stuck doing this thing that you hate. This thing that doesn’t light you up inside. In fact, this thing makes you feel like you have lost touch with yourself.


Can I tell you something?


You are not alone.


What’s more is that I believe in you. To prove that point, I am sharing with you 10 reminders to keep going, to keep pushing.


Trust your struggles because they have so much to teach you about yourself. For now, grab a glass of wine, take a break, and remind yourself how worth it this really is.



10 Reminders to keep going when you want to give up:


1. Fortune favors the brave.


2. Selling your life for a paycheck is lame as hell


3. Being able to live according to your own values EVERY DAY is nothing short of amazing


4. Time is too precious to squander. Scary truth: you are not guaranteed a tomorrow.


5. Regret is a terrible feeling.


6. Your work will matter. You will feel fulfilled at the end of the day. And, ultimately, you’ll be padding your own bottom line, not that of someone else’s. (By the way, your boss thanks you for that jaguar they are driving. Beep-Beep!)


7. YOU are valuable. Every bit of you. Your thoughts, your abilities, your personality, are all part of a powerful equation that is going to enable you to succeed and be every bit of the person you know you are.


8. You’ll never have to beg for a raise or time off ever again. Can you imagine?!


9. In addition to the above statement, you will have the luxury to design your life, your way. You can create your ideal work day that caters to when you work best from wherever it is that you work best.


and lastly,


10. You will gain back your sense of self with every big step you take. In the words of Marie Forleo, clarity comes from engagement not thought. Every step you take will set you up for your next.




Don’t settle for asking permission to live your life. You are far too determined to live your life that way any longer. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.


To your success!




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